Regional association of municipalities

Increasing the effectiveness and the prestige of the local authorities in Trakia region
Financed by the USAID through FLGR

The aims of the project are in accordance with the main priorities, described in the By-laws of RAM “Trakia”. Generally, they are directed towards raising the capacity of the local authorities in Trakia region through:

• Stimulation of the development of common programs and projects for sustainable development of the region;
• Raising the capacity of the municipal administrations in developing municipal strategies and projects;
• Increasing the knowledge of the municipal administrations about the legislation in the sphere of local government;
• Exchange of good practices between the municipalities and encouraging transborder cooperation;
• Establishing a network of local experts, qualified in the various spheres of local government;
• Increasing the transparency in the local authorities` activities and encouraging the citizens` participation in the local self-government.

The direct goal of the project on the other hand, is to increase the prestige of the Regional association of municipalities “Trakia” as one of the most effectively working organizations in the sphere of local self-government. On the other hand, an important issue is to gain financial sustainability.

Public forums for improving the quality of life in the small settlements of Bolyarovo and Gurkovo municipalities
Financed by the SDC

Public forum for improving the quality of life in Gurkovo municipality. The forum discussions are directed toward improvement of the working conditions and the opportunities for rest in the municipality of Gurkovo through:
• Establishment of effective mechanisms for dialogue between the local authorities and the citizens;
• Increasing the range of knowledge of the citizens for their opportunities to influence the decision making process on important issues of local character;
• Increasing the self-confidence of the citizens as real participants in public life;
• Increasing the quality of the local authorities` decisions on the basis of the active citizen participation;
• Increasing the effectiveness of the local authorities` activities as a result of the permanent feedback for the needs and necessities of the already implemented activities;
• Uniting all the local recourses for the sustainable development of the region.

As direct results of the Forum we expect:
• Some suggestions and recommendations to be made to the local authorities and other institutions for undertaking concrete steps for solving the problems of young people.
• Several projects, initiated by the participants in the forum to be developed. The particular sphere is the solving of demographic problems.
• New skills for developing project proposals have to be improved for the sustainable development of the region. The target groups are mainly the young people.
• New public-private partnerships to be established. They have to be based on the equal dialogue between the different groups of interests.

Citizen monitoring of the environment in the municipalities from Yambol region

The project is in a direct accordance with program priority 3 - Implementation of the EU legislature concerning the environment, and it aims raising the capacity of the civil society in the municipalities of Yambol region to be able to take part in the decision making process. The action plan includes 10 public forums, 4 training courses, establishment of traveling eco-offices and a documentary movie, which will attract the interest of the target groups. A handbook “Implementation of the European ecological standards in the municipalities” will be printed and circulated among the target groups.

A total of 560 representatives of civil organisations, local businesses, institutions and local authorities will participate in the activities. The whole population of the target municipalities - over 148 000 people, will be influenced by the project results.

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