Regional association of municipalities
Who we are

The regional association of municipalities "Trakia" was established on July 30, 1997 as an independent voluntary non governmental organization. Today RAM “Trakia” is one of the biggest by territory and population regional association of municipalities in Bulgaria.

The members: today 27 municipalities from 7 regions are members of the association - Aitos, Asenovgrad, Bolyarovo, Bratya Daskalovi, Brezovo, Galabovo, Dzhebel, Elhovo, Karlovo, Karnobat, Krichim, Krumovgrad, Kuklen, Opan, Pavel banya, Parvomay, Perushtitsa, Rodopi, Sadovo, Sliven, Sozopol, Sredets, Sungurlare, Tvarditsa, Topolovgrad, Tundzha and Chirpan.
The Union of Thracian societies in Bulgaria is an associated member of the Regional association of municipalities “Trakia”.

Our mission is to take an active part in:
• Improving the local self-government and the legal framework of the local authorities;
• Increasing the efficiency and the transparency of the activities of the municipalities in implementing their individual and collective responsibilities and creating opportunities for a wide citizen participation in the local self-government;
• Economical development of the region.

Our objectives:
• Representation and defense of the member interests before the central authorities and their regional structures, before Bulgarian and foreign public organizations and other institutions for civil society development through support and assistance for a strong and open at the citizens local self-government;
• Cooperation and mediation between the municipalities in common strategies elaboration and realization of programs for a strong local self-government and civil society and for the sustainable development of the settlements in the region;
• Improving the knowledge and skills of the municipal councilors and officers for a stronger and open at the citizens local self-government;
• Survey and multiplication of the Bulgarian and foreign experience in the sphere of the local self-government;
• Enlarging and enriching the public understanding of the role and the importance of the local self-government and the citizen participation;
• Cooperation with related organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.

RAM "Trakia" is a mediator between the member municipalities in providing information and exchanging positive practices. The organization stimulates the cooperation between its members in developing projects, supporting the local self-government, civil society and the sustainable development of the settlements in the region.

Cross-border cooperation
2001 – A protocol for cooperation is signed between RAM Trakia and the Turkish Network of municipalities “TrakiaKent”.
2004 – A protocol for cooperation is signed between RAM Trakia and the Greek Network of municipalities “Polis”.
The signing of the three-sided Protocol for Cooperation between RAM “Trakia”, Network of municipalities “TrakiaKent” – Turkey and Network of municipalities “Polis” – Greece on December 10th 2005, was the final step of the building of the first of its kind “Triangle of cooperation” on the Balkans between the local authorities of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. As a result, a Coordination Council, consisting of the three executive directors, was established. It holds regular meetings in order to exchange information and seek opportunities for developing partner transborder projects. The sessions of the Coordination Council are held each three months. The managing bodies of the three associations meet at least once a year on a mutual session.

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