Regional association of municipalities

Structure of The Managing Bodies of RAM "Trakia":
(in Compliance With The By-Laws)

• The General Assembly appears to be the top managing body of the Association. Each municipality is represented by two delegates - the mayor and representative of the municipal council. Each municipality has the right to two votes.
The regular sessions of the General Assembly are held at least once a year. The General Assembly is responsible for all the issues concerning the management and the budget of the Association.

• The Board of Directors consists of 11 members - Chairman, Deputy-Chairmen and members elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors elects a Chairman who represents the Association before national, judicial and physical persons in the country and abroad.

• The Controlling Board consists of a chairman and 2 members. They regularly participate in the sessions of the Board of Directors. The Controlling Board has to control the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, to control the management of the property and the implementation of the budget of the Association, to make statements on the annual reports.

• The Executive Director organizes the implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, coordinates the activity of the administrative staff, renders an account on the implementation of the budget and reports before the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

Angel Papazov

Deputy chairmen:
Georgi Georgiev,
mayor - Tundja municipality

Ivan Aleksiev,
mayor - Pomorie municipality

Kichka Petkova

Atanas Atanasov,
mayor - Tvarditsa municipality

Bozhin Bozhinov,
mayor - Topolovgrad municipality

Emil Karaivanov

Margarita Stamatova

Nikolay Tonev,
mayor - Galabovo municipality

Petar Kirov,
mayor - Elhovo municipality

Sebihan Mehmed,
mayor - Krumovgrad municipality
Controlling Board:

Vasil Edrev,
mayor - Aetos municipality

Atanas Kalchev,
mayor - Krichim municipality

Hristo Hristov,
mayor - Bolyarovo municipality

List of staff:

Prof. Ivan Varlyakov, Ph.D.
executive director

Penka Slavova,
financial activities assistant

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